Wade's Focus On US Missions

Rev. Wade is the South Central Chapter President for the Chariots of Light Christian Biker and Car Club. Of which, much of their involvement in street ministry is done thru. Wade has traveled great distances, along with many of his biker friends, to share the gospel in the streets for days on end to the lost. Last year at the main South Central Chapter soul winning event at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in Fayetteville over 500 people prayed the Salvation Prayer and confessed Jesus as their Lord. Each person prayed this prayer one on one with someone outreaching from the Chariots of Light booth. As many have traveled across the U.S. to come and help soul win at this event, Rev. Wade has traveled to other events to assist in their outreach efforts as well. Chariots of Light is an Evangelistic Outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries.

Sister Darlene is involved in helping missionaries organize short term mission teams to serve abroad. The teams traveling abroad work with local missionaries in foreign countries that have orphanages, widow’s ministries, and Pastors that are pioneering churches.

Darlene's Love For Missions

I have a love to work in missions through short term mission projects with established missionary organizations that God lays on our heart to work with. I work with missionary organizations to help organize events, organize preaching & soul winning crusades, village evangelism, orphan care, feeding & clothing of orphans, etc.

I have worked with various missionary organizations to train up missionaries to serve in the mission field full time. I want to do what I can do to help provide a missionary with the tools and resources they need to be successful on the mission field; whether that means helping to provide training, helping to connect them with the right people, event organizing, support fundraising and awareness of mission project, or just giving an extra set of hands to get a job done. Missionaries need all the love and support they can get when they are the ones living their lives and placing their families out in the mission field full-time.

I went to India in 2006 with Rescuing Lives (aka Hope for India) to assist with chaperoning the team from America, assist in putting on a crusade, work with and minister to orphans, and minister in villages. That trip changed my life forever.
Darlene Returned To India In 2009

I returned to India the summer of 2009 with Rescuing Lives ministry as a chaperone to an all girl American team this time. We ministered to children in orphanages and in slum schools in several different states. While there we clothed and fed approximately 250 children and provided for some of the immediate needs of the facilities, and ministered at YWAM of India. The ministry opportunity that touched my heart the most was ministering to young women and girls as young as 5 years of age, as well as boys, that had been rescued from human trafficking and slavery. The memories of the tragic situations these children were rescued from to the victory they are living in now, I will carry in my heart and mind forever.