Rev. Wade has a passion for teaching

on the knowledge of God’s Blessing and Favor in your life and on end time signs and how what is taking place today parallel’s to the end time prophecy in the Bible. Sis Darlene’s passion is to teach people to have Vision for their lives, to live the Blessed Life, and to inspire women to be Women of Vision. She has inspiring teachings on how to live an organized and scheduled life to fulfill God’s call and vision for your life.

We believe that the mission field is not only in foreign countries but also right here on the home front. Whether, its down the street or in a neighboring city or state, in a neighboring country or across the seas, we believe the great commission is to lead all that come across our path or God leads us to, to our Loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

God has given us a vision and a desire to “Take Jesus to the People”. He has given us a desire to take Jesus outside the four walls of the church to the people in the world. To reach out to people in the streets, in the biker world, and foriegn missions. It is our goal to minister healing and salvation to the lost and hurting. Also, with a focus of promoting the local community church by working with churches to develop relationships with people that we minister to in their area. We believe that the home church plays a very vital role in a persons walk and relationship with God.